“The existing Bengali translations available are in many cases difficult to understand. However, this translation uses brackets to provide additional commentary. The language used in it is also very simple and heartwarming”

Dr. Razia Akhtar Banu

“Yes, there is cost involved, and money needed. The public must be involved. We need to get more and more ordinary people involved in this project”

Justice Abdur Rauf

“It is by no means impossible to achieve the beautiful initiative of mass Quran distribution undertaken by Al Quran Academy London. It will be possible if a good plan is followed”

Al Mahmud

“I believe, just as there is no alternative to understanding and implementing the Quran in our lives in order to relieve us of difficulty and trouble, there is also no alternative to a simple and easy translation of the Quran in order to bring ordinary people closer to it”

Justice J R Mudassir Hossain

“It is indeed a noble and ambitious initiative to provide a copy of the Holy Quran to each and every literate individual of this nation. If the rich and affluent members of society come forward to help this project, it would be enable this huge task to be completed within only a few years”

Justice Latifur Rahman